Exclusividade compartilhada

smart and effective concept in the real estate market - Shared exclusivity:

Automatic Translation

Shared Exclusivity provides countless benefits for those who want to sell, buy and for those who intermediate the negotiation of a property, generating, in most cases, effectiveness in the sale of their property, faster and with greater security for everyone.
Which is
Shared Exclusivity is the contractual agreement signed between the owner of the property and the office ? Nilza Córdova -, with the objective of strengthening the work of publicizing and effecting the sale of your property with safety and agility.
The work signed by Shared Exclusivity strengthens the owner's credibility, ours as a hired professional and simultaneously reduces costs for the owner, the buyer and the intermediary professional.
The result is mutual benefit where the real estate market and you, as the owner, will be saying ?no? to the auction of your property.
Putting your property in the hands of many professionals or third parties will not sell it any faster.
By signing the Shared Exclusivity Agreement with us, you owner will be receiving several benefits and still freeing yourself from inconvenient and unsafe people or situations.

How it works
By signing the Shared Exclusivity Agreement, you are already starting to win, as we will assume responsibilities with the maximum effort and commitment that will lead to the completion of the sale of your property.
This involves all the management of documentation and assistance in the regularization process, which allows your property to be ready for immediate negotiation, and also the monitoring of potential buyers on visits to the property, working proposals in line with the owner's desire and objective. personalized, representing more benefits, to the owner.
The Advantages and Gains with Shared Exclusiveness
Physical and Legal Security ? privacy and security that visitors to the property will be registered people and will be accompanied by a professional from our team, while documentation and proposals will be monitored and verified as required by law.
Freedom of Referral ? The owner has complete freedom to refer a potential buyer or even receive referrals from clients of another real estate company.
See how it happens in practice: When referring a potential buyer, the owner will continue to receive all the necessary support for the process of negotiating and selling the property and when the deal is completed, the owner will pay only 50% of the fees, that is, the owner keeps your freedom, maintains your security and even reduces the value of the fees.
If the appointment is made through another real estate agency, the owner will still receive all the necessary support from our office and when the deal is completed, in this case, the fees will be divided, that is, we will receive 50% of the total value of the fees and the other 50% will be transferred to the other real estate agency.
Appreciation of the property's image - Preserves your property from being disclosed by many professionals with disjointed and distorted information, putting in doubt the quality of your property and its real value. Avoid cluttered advertisements, excessive number of sales signs, visual pollution and property depreciation.
Focus on Sales ? Provides greater dedication, commitment and freedom in the process of disclosure and sale by the real estate agency in specialized channels, portals, real estate networks, websites, real estate agencies and independent brokers in the region and at national and international level, increasing visibility, enabling the completion of the deal at no extra cost to the owner.
Know-how and credibility ? Operating in the 1997 market, we have the expertise to provide you with the right direction for the best negotiation with agility and security.
Security for those who buy and tranquility for those who sell - All the work is developed with the aim of generating security and tranquility for the parties involved, with the presentation of fair and adequate proposals for negotiation, also eliminating the possibility of a buyer wasting time and being surprised by news that the property has already been sold or is no longer for sale or change in value and conditions.
Personalized service ? We are qualified and prepared to provide the best service and follow up on the entire negotiation procedure.

Count on us and let us enjoy all the advantages and benefits that Shared Exclusiveness provides us.